Helene Heilbron Photo

Halloween treat: A trip to GlasGlow

GlasGlow is an outdoor event at the Botanic Garden, Glasgow. It is an immersive journey to other worlds through light constructions. It was great to be able to go to an event which made me feel more festive or better spooky, as I have always had difficulty to be festive. The event was outdoor so I felt safe to walk around with my mask and enjoying churros with chocolate. I wanted to share these pictures, even if Halloween is long gone.

Lights and reflection that made the experience magical.

A pumpkin patch. It made think about some many stories which could be told around a fire.

A spooky pumpkin. I loved the arrangement they have created to create the atmosphere.

Step in to the rainbow, it will lead you wherever you desire.

Next stop Mars!

Love on Halloween. I loved how they used the greenhouse to reflect the lights and different forms.

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