Helene Heilbron Photo

A Photo Journal of : Manchester

I was inspired to create a photo journal of Manchester, the city I have been living in at the moment. Sharing pictures is a way to reminiscing about everything that has happened in the last months. Manchester is a very interesting city to live in because it has so many facets thanks to so many different neighbourhoods that offer a variety of things to suit your needs and tastes. It is a city full of life that it would be rude not to share here and tell you my thoughts about some of my favourite picture thatI have taken so far. 

I love how the sunlight falls onto this building and the people.

A beautiful graffiti

The way that the water is reflected onto the building is magical.

New Islington, one of my favourite  area of Manchester.

The beautiful park of the Whitworth Art Gallery.

The Makers Market, which happens every month, at the Northern Quarter.

Ancoats, another quirky and beautiful neighbourhood.

Art at the Manchester Central Library.

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