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Favourite Shots: North Wales


At the end of February, I went on a day trip to explore North Wales, I knew it was a beautiful part of the U.K., but it has exceeded my expectations. The beautiful colours of the last days of winter and the sun that graced us for the entirety of the trip made me fall in love with Wales, its landscape and its towns. Moreover, it was interesting to see all the signs in Welsh and English. 

Conwy is a beautiful and traditional seaside town, where there is the smallest house in Great Britain and a magnificent castle, which allows you to see the city and the mountains from above. Snowdonia National Park offers so much, from its landscape and wildlife to its history and heritage. You can go there and experience them through the communities, the medieval castles, the landscapes, and the archaeological remains.

It has been a great trip to disconnect from everyday life and immerse myself in a new place I have never been. Furthermore, the sun made everything better as I had not seen it for a long time. On my next trip to Wales, I want to hike and climb Snowdon mountain and explore the south. I think Wales should be on everyone to their bucket list. 

Enjoy my favourite shots from my magical day trip to North Wales.

Conwy Castle

How many boats can be in the same small town! Love it!

Conwy, a beautiful seaside town.

Snowdonia National Park

Watching the water of the lake is so peaceful.

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