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New Year in Paris

Spending time in Paris, especially during the festive time, is magical and different. It felt like everybody, tourists, French and Parisian, was outside enjoying each other company and the surprisingly good and warm weather.
It was nice to see that the French also appreciated walking around the city and looking around the shops, with fewer tourists than usual due to the current world situation.
I have enjoyed strolling around the city, discovering new parts and eating foods from different cultures. 

Travelling to other countries and experiencing different cultures is a privilege and gift, which gives you so much for your soul and to open your mind, I feel lucky to experience.
I intend to go on more adventures during this year, which I will share on here my thoughts and pictures. 

 I hope you enjoy the pictures of this magical city.

Beautiful streets

Strolling around the city



Dancing by la Seine

Amazing architecture

Louis Vuitton Foundation

Louis Vuitton Foundation

Arc de Triomphe

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