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Favourite Shots: The Peak District


A beautiful rainy trip to the Peak District

It was beautiful to explore another beautiful national park and another part of England that I have never visited before. Moreover, it was fascinating to visit the places that inspired Emily Brönte to write Wuthering Heights and where Jane Austen set Pride and Prejudice. 

Even if it rained most of the day it was wonderful to capture this breathtaking national park and its traditional villages made of stone. Moreover, I have had the opportunity to test the camera of my new phone, the iPhone 13 pro. It was amazing to see how much technology has developed in the last five years and how a phone can take amazing pictures during the day and night.

Driving through the forests, villages and hills of Peak District, it felt magical and like I was in a fantasy book or movie ready to pump into an elf, a fawn, a witch and a hobbit. 

I’m grateful that I keep feeding my love for travelling, discovering new places and photography. It is really good for my soul, and it makes me so happy.

Enjoy my favourite shots from my magical day trip to the Peak District:


Little bit of snow on the peaks

Monsal Headstone Viaduct

Stolen moment at Bakewell


Poole’s Cavern (shot with Iphone)


The cathedral of the Peak District

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