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Time Passing in Glasgow

Glasgow has been my temporary home for the last year. Time has been passing at a strange pace in the last few months. The city is full of culture and music, and people who make you feel welcome. The images are the reflection of my emotional state concerning time and uncertainty of the current cultural moment. Glasgow is my mirror image of how interpret time passing.

An old clock attached to an antique store in the West End. The West End compromise various small districts which are very distinctive and peculiar. The clock is the most popular symbol of time.

Autumn on the River Clyde. The changing of the colours of the tree are my solace as they bring me so much joy and peace.

A dog looking life passing by through the glass. I have always been curious on how dogs perceive time and life.

The corroded sign of Ashton Lane. This lane is very peculiar as it looks likes from a small British village, not in a big tow.

Broken fridge left on the street of Glasgow subjects to time and weather.

Necropolis of Glasgow. It is situated on a hill in the East End near the Glasgow Cathedral. A Victorian cemetery which holds a mystic feeling.

Paesano Pizza at Great Western Road, a very busy and popular road in the West End. This restaurant is the most favourite place to eat pizza by all the Glaswegian I have met. It seems to be the only constant during this time, as to feel better I can relay on great pizza.

Autumnal Sunset. I adore the colours that the sky produce at sunset time. They feed my soul and creativity.

Have a great day!

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