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Watch the Sound with Mark Ronson

(Photo credit: Joe Pugliese, Apple+)

I really like this documentary about all the things that contribute to create a sound. it made me appreciate more the songs that I love because now I understand better all the work and creativity behind their creation. I have started also to admires these amazing people who are deeply passionate about their craft and they push it to improve it and to creatively experiment and push it to the point the create sounds, that are legendary and iconic. 

Thanks to this documentary I have discovered King Princess, an insanely talented artist who loves to explore her voice and sounds freely.

episode 1 - Auto-tune aka robot sadness: the musical accident that evolved into an  empowering game changer 

episode 2 - Sampling, the debate rages on is theft or tribute? One thing is clear is better to be funky.

episode 3 - Reverb, he discovered it with Amy Winehouse, today he travels to unearth its infinite potential.

episode 4 - Synthesisers, Marks celebrates the innovators and the outsiders who harnessed the power of the synthesisers and shares the love for them with Tame Impala.

episode 5 - Drum Machine, the evolution of them that gave us hip-hop

episode 6 - Distortions, the rebellious sound of breaking the rules- and explore the pioneers  who use it to disrupt culture.

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